Sunday, 15 April 2012

This Day in History: Titanic (100th Anniversary)

Let us take a moment to reflect upon this horrific historical event that still haunts and fascinates us to this day because of the sheer scale of the tragedy. There are always lessons for us to learn. 

The Titanic! So majestic on the waters! 'Unsinkable' they called her.

'Unsinkable' they still call her

'Unsinkable' they said??

No! I'm grieved to say that, like any ship on this earth, it is 'Sinkable!' - If only they had realised this sooner!

One particular verse has been going through my mind that I think sums it all up. It is 1 Corinthians 10 verse 12: 

'Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.'

O Lord, give us the grace to always remember our frailty and put our trust in You alone



April said...

The story of the Titanic has always gripped me.

Thank you for sharing this, Sarah.

The verse is extremely fitting. The situation with the Titanic sort of reminds me of the tower of Babel. The Lord had to check mankind somewhere. The Titanic was a very shaking reminder of the Lord Jesus' power.

The Lord bless you!


Joy said...

Thanks, Sue, for this post; it is important to remember such events, a reminder of how much we need the Lord, and a reminder not to rest on our own pride and achievements but trust in God. Thank you for sharing!

I love you <3.

Maddy said...

Dear Sarah,

This is truly a sobering event in history to remember. Thank the Lord it is 'His story', and that in every event and movement that has happened, there are indeed lessons for us to learn.
Amen to this prayer.
And may we by His grace trust in the Lord with all of our hearts... not leaning at all on the understanding, wisdom, and 'strength' of man!

Love in Him,

Jemimah :-) said...

Someone back then said "Even God could not sink her."

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