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As you'll doubtless deduce from the number of books on those shelves (click on next at the bottom right-hand corner of the Bookshelf for more shelves and books), I LOVE to read. Most I've already read, some I plan to read, and others I plan to reread someday! I hope this guides you to a treasure trove of books and material for your spiritual growth, edification, education, and enjoyment! Click here to comment!


James McCabe said...

Hi Sarah,

I arrived at your site by a much convoluted route.

My name is James McCabe and I was doing a study on the Macabbees of the bible.

This led me to the town of Michmash and the biblical account you refer to in your blog where history would repeat itself for Allenby.

James McCabe said...

Ps I wonder if Allenby and his general recalled the verse my people perish through lack of knowledge?!

Just goes to show the word of God is as applicable today as it ever was! :-)

Every blessing


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