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Tagging Fun

North-east view from the northern top of Mount Kosciusko, Australian Alps
via Turner to Monet: The Triumph of Landscape 

Something is going on in Blogger Land. Tagging seems to be the fashion these last few days. I've never done this before, but I've had the honour (or shall say fate:), lol) to be tagged by Joy. So, I've decided to try it out, too. Enjoy! 

Here are the rules.

1. Post these rules

2. Post 11 random things about yourself (optional)

3. Answer the questions the tagger posted for you in their post.

4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

5. Go to their blog and tell them that they have been tagged.

The Glass House Mountains - Southeastern Queensland, Australia
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11 Random things about myself

Mmmm...that's often hard to do, but I'll try my I go:)

1. I love listening to audio theatre drama - they give real 'scope for the imagination' and are fun and very encouraging. 
2. I really love the music soundtracks for the Narnia movies by Harry Gregson-Williams, The Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore, and The Nativity Story by Mychael Danna - they're just so awe-inspiring.
3. I love singing...I'd really love to get professional training someday, if the Lord wills. 
4. I have a major problem with procrastinating when I'm not passionate about doing finishing assignments:(
5. When I was still in school, I almost never managed to write an essay (with maximum 1000 words or so) in less than two weeks minimum! Now I can write a university essay (up to 2500 words or more), with full proper research and referencing in less than a week, sometimes in a couple of days even...amazing what uni can do! It even surprised me:)
6. I'd love to write a historical novel someday...still not sure what it will be, though:) 
7. Watching the movie Cromwell excited my curiosity and set me on the exciting journey of studying history. Oliver Cromwell is certainly one of my historical heroes.
8. I've become quite fascinated with the literary works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. 
9.  I love Christian apologetics. I particularly love the works by contemporary Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias
10. I love reading Puritan devotional books, particularly those that meditate on the Person of Christ and His work. 
11. I love the biblical account of Joseph (Genesis). I love to meditate on his faith in all his trials and how his life was a shadow of Christ. 

The Three Sisters - The Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
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Joy's questions and my answers:

1. Who are your top favourite classic fiction authors and your top 3 favourite modern fiction authors? (by the word 'classic', I'm referring to authors of the past up to the mid 20th Century, and by 'modern', I'm referring to authors who wrote and lived from the 1960s and up)
My Answer
Well, that is not easy. There are so many, particularly since I prefer classic fiction than modern...mmm....
My top 3 classic fiction authors would be: 
- Jane Porter (1700s): she wrote Scottish Chiefs, a historical novel about Sir William Wallace. I really love it. She wrote other historical books...They're on my reading plan:)
- J.R.R. Tolkien 
- C.S. Lewis
- There are other very good ones: John Bunyan, Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)
My top 3 modern fiction authors would be: 
- Jannette Oak: though not all her books. I particularly like her Acts of Faith Series. 
- Davis Bunn: co-author of Acts of Faith Series
- Chuck Black: Knights of Arrethtrae Series particularly.
2. Which character in John Bunyan's immortal classic, The Pilgrim's Progress, do you identify with the most in their/your spiritual journey? (Christian, Faithful, or Hopeful)
My Answer
Wow. That's difficult. I'd say that there are different thing in each that I would identify strongly with. However, Christian would most likely be the most one I'd identify with the most. 
3.  In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, we see that Sam's and Frodo's responses to Gollum-Smeagol are different.  If you were in either character's position when they had a chance of killing him, would you have done so and rid yourself of his wickedness and treachery, or would you pity him, having carried the burden of the Ring yourself, known its temptation, and shown mercy? (P.S. if you haven't watched/read The Lord of the Rings, you can skip this question)
My Answer
That's not easy to decide. I think I would have felt similarly to Frodo and Sam. I don't think I could kill him, but I certainly wouldn't trust him. I may want to tie him up somewhere when I feel threatened. I think I would have some pity for know...'There but for the grace of God I go'. 
4. Which do you enjoy more: reading a book or watching a movie?
My Answer
To me there are just two different activities, the one does not fully compensate for the other. However, I often find that a movie helps me to 'get into' the world of the a related book. The two often go together. 
5. What is your favourite kind of music to sing, hear and play and who do you think was the greatest music composer of all time?
My Answer
I love to sing that glorify the Lord. I like traditional, classical Church music and hymns. I love Libera boys choir very much. I also like more contemporary praise and worship that has good music and deep words of worship and praise.  
I also like good traditional, classic and folk songs. Some songs in movies are also nice to sing and hear (like the Sound of Music for example).
It is difficult to say who is the greatest composer of all time, since it seems to depend mostly on the kind of music I'm in the mood of hearing at any particular time. But I have to say that Harry Gregson-Williams,  Howard Shore, and Mychael Danna are some of my favourite modern composers, and for classical composers I like Bach, Handel, and Beethoven. 
6. Which 2 books of the Bible do you tend to read from the most?
My Answer
I tend to go to the Psalms and the Gospel of John. 
7. Is there a figure in history (outside the Bible) that you love the most? And why?
My Answer
I love the figure of Oliver Cromwell. I spent a number of year already researching and studying about him and I never fail to be amazed at his stature in the history of the Christian world and at the same time his great and deep personal faith in Jesus Christ that shaped his life and his great magnanimty,  humility, and forgiveness of his enemies who were often very cruel and unjust in their judgement of him.  My extensive personal research has shown me that he was very much misunderstood and wrongfully vilified  both by his contemporaries and history. However, the Western world owes him a great deal.  
8. Is there a book or movie that you've read/watched and you've wished something had gone differently and would like to re-write it?
My Answer
Oh dear...sorry...nothing comes to mind at present
9. What are your 2 favourite scenes in The Chronicles of Narnia (taken from either the films, books or both)?(P.S. if you haven't watched/read The Chronicles of Narnia, you can skip this question)
My Answer
Well, there are so many favourite scenes for me, but my dear younger sister Joy (the one who tagged me) has graciously granted me the addition of two more scenes...Lol:)
scene 1: In Prince Caspian movie - When Lucy meets Aslan. She asks him why he did not come roaring in to save them like he did before. He answers: 'Things never happen the same way twice dear one'. 
scene 2: In The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe  (in the movie) - When Aslan comes roaring into the battle after he rises again and finally defeats the White Witch. 
scene 3: In the Silver Chair book - When Puddleglum says that he still believes in Aslan, even if the Lady of the Green Kurtil says that they're imagining it all. 
scene 4: In the Last Battle book - When they finally reach Aslan's country and see him all the past characters and see Aslan. 
10. What are some of the books (fiction + non-fiction) or movies that have inspired and changed your life?
My Answer
The Cromwell movie, the Lord of the Rings movies, John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress (book and movie: Journey to Heaven), Ravi Zacharias' book Deliver Us From Evil, Ravi Zacharias' sermons (videos) The Uniqueness of Christ in History and Jesus Among Other Gods (also a book), the story of Vanya, and Siberian Miracle (story of persecution of a whole Church congregation during the Soviet Union).
These are just some examples, but there are many more...too many to name here...visit 'My Bookshelf' page for an idea:)
11. What do you love most about the place where you live?
My Answer
It's in the beautiful state of Queensland. Brisbane combines the rural and the urban together very beautifully. You don't have to travel far to find rural properties, farms, and bush and then some shopping centre with all modern facilities. I love it. If you're ever here, I'd love to show you round:)
Lavender field in Bridestowe Estate, Tasmania, Australia. The plantation is one of the largest lavender farms in the world.
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My Questions: 

1. Who is your favourite historical figure (outside the Bible)? Why?
2. What are your favourite 2 to 4 scenes from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (taken from either the movies, books, or both)? (P.S. You may skip this question if you haven't read or watched Lord of the Rings)
3. Which character(s) do you identify most with in the Lord of the Rings(book or movie)? Why? (P.S. You may skip this question if you haven't read or watched Lord of the Rings)
4. What is your favourite historical era? Why (a couple of reasons or so)? 
- Ancient - B.C. (or)- Late Antiquity - Roman and Greek A.D. (or)- Medieval - from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance in the 14th and 15th centuries (or)- Early Modern Period - from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, including the Reformation (16th to 18th centuries ) (or)- Modern Period - 19th to 20th centuries 
5.  Do you have a particular historical event that you find especially amazing, intriguing, or inspiring? Why? 
6. Which do you like doing more: singing (either solo or with others), listening, or playing a musical instrument?  
7. Are there any non-fiction books that have inspired and changed your life in some way or another? 
8. Who is your favourite Biblical Character? Why? 
9. Is there a certain devotional, theological, or spiritual book that has really touched and changed your life? 
10. What is your favourite food? 
11. Is there a certain country, city, or state you'd especially love to visit someday? 

Bellingen, NSW - Very close to Coffs Harbour where I lived with my family some years ago
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I Tag...

Danielle from Danielle Carey
Rachel from Covenant Maiden
Emily Grace from A Life Worthy of the Lord 

Well, unfortunately, my younger sister Joy, has already tagged some whom I would've loved to tag, but if ANYONE would like to participate in this Fun Tagging, I'm tagging you too... so please feel free to join! :)


Joy said...

Thanks for joining this tag, Sarah!! I so enjoyed reading your answers (random facts), and your new questions... I've not realized that you're really serious about writing a historical novel one day :). That would be wonderful!

Danielle said...

This was fun to read! Random facts are always a great way to get to know people better -- and I'm honoured you tagged me! I'll post this on my blog soon.

PS. Agreed about the beautiful Narnia soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williams. One of my favourite soundtracks at the moment is from the 2010 Robin Hood film, by Marc Streitenfeld. It's amazingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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