Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Urgent Prayer for Christians in Egypt

Dear Friends, 

Many of you have probably already heard what happened on Sunday to many of Egypt's Christians. Yesterday the Coptic Christians went out to peacefully protest against the burning of a church in Etfu, Aswan Governorate. During their march, they were molested with stones and gunfire. Upon reaching the TV Building in Maspero, Cairo (around 10,000 or more Copts), the army and 'thugs' attacked. There were similar protests in other cities around the country. The army, government, and national media, as usual, have falsely accused the Christians of using weapons and violence. All the inner sources and video footage show completely otherwise. Thankfully CNN and other outside media are beginning to give some accurate info as well. It is well known that thugs (from the authorities, particularly the army) infiltrated the demonstrations and did all the violence.  It was shocking how the army vehicles rammed into the protesters, crushing and mutilating them. Not even the worst atrocities committed during the January/February revolution could be compared with this. The scenes from the hospitals is horrific. Church and other sources say that there were many more than 24 dead (the official count), some say as many as 40 or 50. Some reports even indicate that some bodies were thrown by the attackers over the bridge into the Nile. Hundreds are injured, many seriously. These attacks on Christians, the Churches, their businesses, and their homes have increased dramatically since the Revolution, beginning with the New Year bombing of the Church in Alexandria. We can see that the Military General and the ruling military council is set on their persecution of Christians, using the Islamists.The Coptic Church has declared three days of fasting and prayer, starting today (October 11). We gratefully know that you and many others are with us in lifting our brothers and sisters before our Father's throne of Grace. Please share this with as many as possible so they also can join in prayer. Prayer changes things because we serve a living God. Amen! Pray that the Lord would give them strength and comfort to endure this trial and courage not to lose hope but trust in God. The peaceful protests will undoubtedly continue, so, please pray that the Lord would give His people wisdom and protect them. Pray for comfort for the families of those killed.
Please pray, also, for the future of Egypt and that God would deliver Egypt from those who want to destroy her. 

Here is a video link of the funeral. It is, understandably, emotionally distressing. Emotions of pain, grief and anger are high and raw. In the clips you can here the mourners weeping, praying, their cries of distress, and their chants which say that they are willing to suffer and die for the cross and that they will lift their heads high. They are also using this opportunity to protest as well.


(here singing the traditional hymn 'Lord Have Mercy') 

This is probably the best Christian source - full of video clips and live and raw footage (It is in Arabic, though - google translation could help, though poor). I thought I'd include it here anyway. 

P.S. 2: Here is an Update to the case of the Iranian Pastor sentenced to death


April said...

Dear Sarah;
Joy sent me news of this this morning in email. I have been very burdened to pray for the Christians in Egypt all day. May Jesus be their Comfort and their Light through this dark time and may their Life in Him grow deeper through trails.

In deep prayer;

Sarah said...

Dear April,
Thank you very much for joining in prayer. Our God reigns!
Love in Him,

Joy said...

Thanks, Sue for this, we are praying!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Dear Sarah did read this by my inbox, and did forward it on for prayer, been rather hectic and not always best so not many comments - thanks so much for your lovely words on my blog about students work - they have done well - the LORD is so gracious to bless, love in Him, Shaz.x

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