Monday, 3 October 2011

Australia's Christian Heritage

Advance Australia Fair!

This is the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! 

I don't have time at present to write a post on this topic, but I'd like to share a link to a good document that gives plenty of relevant information and interesting links. Click Here! (Disclaimer Note: I'm not sure, though, about the accuracy or relevancy of all the information and links given...)
Sometime I hope to share more with you. 

This Great South Land!


Maddy said...

Dear Sarah,

It will be interesting to look at this information. I've heard those words used to describe Australia before - "Great South Land of the Holy Spirit". Though they were (as far as I know) coined by a man, I pray and trust that indeed, the Holy Spirit blesses this land (and has already) with a conviction of sin and fear of the Lord, and the grace of God! May He call His people, in the 'Great South Land' also. There certainly have been revivals here in the past... my Great Grandma received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire in the 80s, and our whole family was greatly blessed by her testimony and walk with the Lord!

God bless you sister,



Sarah said...

Dear Maddy,

Yes, this phrase was coined by man. I think it was a Portuguese explorer. But I think it was said in faith. I pray that God would come with the fire of His Spirit on His people in this land and bring many others in showed lost in utter darkness.

It's a wonderful blessing to have believing, Spirit-filled, and prayerful relatives. It is indeed a wonderful testimony.

Love in Him,

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hey Sarah just wanted tolet you know i have found out how to put Google Translator on blogs and going to do a post next week on wed. God willing as have wondered for ages how you do it and found it very easy - have a Christian friend in Russia who has it on her Russian blog and it is great so thought you might like it - and guess what?? if Google statistics can believed on blogger it says I have had 41 hits from Africa this week, I really find it hard to believe but it is interesting, none the less and now they can view it in whatever language they like.
Off to check this out, briefly as still dont have time for it really, love Shaz.xx

Sarah said...

Hi Shaz,
This is wonderful! It is really helpful even for me whenever the Arabic is a bit difficult for me.
I'm glad to here that you've got viewers from Africa also. This is exciting. I'm sure the Lord will bless others with it.
Hope you find it easy to set it up.
Love in Him,

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