Wednesday, 21 September 2011

He is Alive!

Well, it is a long way from Easter (or Resurrection Day) still. However, I can't hold myself back from posting this song today! It has really touched and encouraged me. After all, for Christians, everyday of the year is Resurrection Day! He is our Passover and our Resurrection! He is Alive! It is so easy to forget this or take it for granted during the year. But that shouldn't happen. 

This is an older song by Don Francisco, from Jimmy and Carol Owens' (the ones who wrote 'Freely, Freely') album The Victor! - a beautiful Musical. 
It recounts the Resurrection Morn from Peter's perspective. I love songs that tell a story. 

The gates and doors were barred
And all the windows fastened down,
I spent the night in sleeplessness
And rose at every sound.
Half in hopeless sorrow
And half in fear the day
Would find the soldiers breaking through
To drag us all away.

And just before the sunrise
I heard something at the wall.
The gate began to rattle
And a voice began to call.
I hurried to the window,
Looked down into the street
Expecting swords and torches
And the sound of soldiers' feet.

There was no one there but Mary,
So I went down to let her in,
And John stood there beside me
As she told us where she'd been.
She said, "They've moved Him in the night
And none of us knows where.
The stone's been rolled away
And now His body isn't there."

We both ran toward the garden,
Then John ran on ahead.
We found the stone and the empty tomb
Just the way that Mary said.
But the winding sheet they wrapped Him in
Was just an empty shell
And how or where they'd taken Him
Was more than I could tell.

Well something strange had happened there,
Just what I did not know....
John believed a miracle, but
I just turned to go.
Circumstance and speculation
Couldn't life me very high,
'Cause I'd seen them crucify Him...
Then I saw Him die.

And back inside the house again
The guilt and anguish came.
Everything I'd promised Him
Just added to my shame.
When at last it came to choices,
I'd denied I know His name.
And even if He was alive
It wouldn't be the same.

Suddenly the air was filled
With strange and sweet perfume.
Light that came from everywhere
Drove shadows from the room.
Jesus stood before me
With His arms held open wide.
And I fell down on my knees,
And just clung to Him and cried.

He raised me to my feet,
And as I looked into His eyes
Love was shining out from Him
Like sunlight from the skies.
My guilt and my confusion
Disappeared in sweet release.
And every fear I'd ever had
Just melted into peace.


He's alive! He's Alive!
He's alive and I'm forgiven
Heaven's gates are open wide!


He's alive! He's alive! He's alive!


Amen! May it bless you today as it has blessed me. 


Joy said...

Oh Sue,
That's so beautiful!... so touching... Yes, He's alive!!!!!
Thanks for posting,
love from your loving sis,

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah, Sarah, so very precious to rejoice in a Risen Saviour - Satan forever defeated by our Glorious Saviour and King of Kings, praise His Glorious Name! Life must be so empty without the joy of this knowledge of our LORD Jesus, love Shaz.x

Sarah said...

Dearest Joy,
Thanks for your encouragement. Amen! He is Alive! What a joy! I'm so glad to have found this song. It really encouraged me, today.


Sarah said...

Thank you, dear Shaz, for your encouragement, too. Amen! It is a glorious privilege to know the Lord and His great love and power over sin and death. Praise to His Holy Name!

Sarah :-D

Maddy said...

Yes, He is Alive! Praise Him! Oh, how beautiful when in the midst of the pain and doubting, He appeared and the darkness in the room was chased away by His Light, and Love, and Peace! Our souls become filled with those doubts and pains too... we feel there is no turning back... no room for grace. And once again the Lord Jesus shows us that He is alive... His amazing grace, of such sweet sound, melts our hearts. He is more precious than silver, more costly than gold, more beautiful than diamonds. Praise Him, He is alive!
Thank you for sharing these beautiful words, Sarah!

Sarah said...

Dear Maddy,

Amen! He is Alive! I'm always touched by Peter's story during the time of darkness - the denial of his Lord, his sense of guilt, loss, failure, and perhaps at times even despair. How many times I've been in similar situation where I feel I've failed my Lord. Yet, Christ's love and grace supported Peter and lovingly restored him. The Lord Jesus prayed for him that his faith 'would not fail'. That is so encouraging for me. He ever lives to make intercession for us. He never lets us go. How great is His grace!

Thank you for your encouragement, Maddy. We're missing you already:)

Love in Him,

Maddy said...

I'm missing you too, Sarah :). Lord willing, see you after the exam!

Sarah said...

Yes, Maddy. I look forward to that.

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