Sunday, 13 May 2012

Beacons of the Past...

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

It's been a long time since my last post and I do apologize to all my readers for this. But it has been a rather busy two or three weeks, with major university assignments and all. Perhaps sometime I'll share some of the interesting things I've been learning. 

In the mean time, however, you've all probably noticed that there have been some major changes to this blog. Yes, I've changed the blog design. This is not a final look, however. More importantly, though, I've changed the name of my blog to 'Beacons of the Past'.

I felt that the older title of 'Gems of Faith in History' was a bit of a mouthful of title! This new one is much shorter and easier to remember. I think it is also more captivating and perhaps a bit different and thus more of an eye-catcher, which I learned is an important part of any title to a book, article, or a blog/website. This is the first thing that a person sees upon opening a blog-page. 

More importantly, I believe this new title captures more of what I desire this blog to be. While the discovery and the study of history, His story, often could be seen as an uncovering of gems from the dark mine of the past, more and more I feel that it is more than that. 

Those familiar with the movie Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, may recall the moment of the lighting of the beacons of Amon Din. A moment when Pippin, at the instruction of Gandalf, lights the first beacon of the chief city of Gondor, Minas Tireth, as a signal for help to their allies from Rohan. There were seven beacons set across the mountains linking Gondor with Rohan (a fast way of communication). On each peak were watchmen, who would light the beacon when they saw the one closest to them lit. There is an amazing feeling of joy, hope, and inspiration when those beacons are lit...yes, 'hope is kindled!'. 

In this scene I also see a special view for us of the past. Many who came before us were watchmen (men and women) who lit beacons of Godliness, faith and hope. The light they carried we now see. Now it is for us to light our beacons for those around us who are lost and continue this relay, and light the way for the future. This light is His light working in His people. 'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.' (Matthew 5:16) 

Thus, the title: 'Beacons of the Past'; and the subtitle: 'Illuminating the Present, Guiding the Future' was inspired. 

My basic aim of showing that history is really His Story; that He is Sovereign over all nations, peoples, and individuals in every time in history; and that everything happens under His control and permission according to His perfect wisdom for His glory, the advancement of His Kingdom and the good of His people; has not changed. 

Our greatest comfort in an uncertain world is to know that our Heavenly Father is also the Sovereign Lord over all creation. It gives me personally great joy and comfort when I see His hand at work, or when I see glimpses of His plan in History. History is not just about the past. It is about the present and about the future, because 'Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, and today, and forever' (Hebrews 13:8). What God did in the past, He will do today, and will do tomorrow. This constancy gives me great strength and HOPE. Yes, it is the beacon of light in this dark world. 

So, generally, there won't be much change in the aim of this blog, but perhaps a slightly different theme perspective subtly running through the blog  as a whole. I will try to keep up the 'Hall of Faith Series' as time allows. They are bios of some of those watchmen and women who carry the light and light the beacons. But I will also be sharing on different topics and subjects as well. Some will be related directly with history, others will be fun or inspirational, and others devotional. 

So, join me on this new phase of my blogging experience.
I'd really love to hear from my readers. It gives me great encouragement and inspiration. So, please, I'd really be blessed if you'd share your thoughts and ideas with me in the comments area and whenever I can I will try to answer them. 

God bless,

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Joy said...

Dearest Sarah,

I love the new design to your blog, and the new name! I really love the message behind "Beacons of the Past"... as well. I enjoy reading the Halls of Faith Series, and look forward to your coming posts as Jesus blesses you with them. I love you, Sis!

God bless,

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