Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas! This Day in History: Christmas Truce, 1914

Merry Christmas to all! 
Well, this is the end of this lovely day, spent happily and quietly with my family. The Lord gave us a good and blessed time together. We worked, sang, laughed, prayed, ate, and opened presents together. A really special time. It is hard to believe it's come and gone so quickly. This is life. It goes very quickly. But with Jesus, this is never the is always only the beginning! Because of this day 2,000 years ago, we can have life and hope for tomorrow, as well as today. A new year is now before us and we can always rely on Him to be with us to guide us and to satisfy us. Let us rejoice in Him! Let us love and fear Him! He is our life! 

Today I'd like to share a small historical event that took place during WWI. It was the Christmas Truce of 1914, when Christmas brought a glimpse of the final peace that will one day come because of the first and second coming of the Prince of Peace. It also shows how the Christmas carol, 'Silent Night' has brought  many people, far and wide and under difficult circumstances together, through the grace of the Holy Spirit. 

Unfortunately it's late now and I feel pretty tired after such a lovely but long day, so I won't be able to write about it myself! But I'll give you some links and a documentary video clip.   

In WW2, Christmas brought similar moments of peace and reconciliation...even if it lasted one night. Click here to watch Silent Night - A touching WWII true story (a few graphic war scenes and  perhaps a bit of course language). 

God Bless, 


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Sarah, so very nice to remind oneself of this lively story again and thanks so very much for your wonderful friendship in the LORD He is so very kind to us - a great LORD and Saviour and Friend, love in Him,

Sarah said...

Yes, Shaz. This is a very encouraging story.
You are indeed a very special friend in the Lord. He is indeed very good to us.
Wish you a very Merry X.mas and a very Happy NY.

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